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Small Business Web Design

A well built and optimized website generates leads, increases sales and acts as an information portal to current clients. Think of a website as a salesperson who works 24 hours a day, never takes breaks, never complains and settles for almost no pay. Providing all the moving parts are in place – your website can save a bad year or make a good year great.

Why You Should Hire A Professional Web Developer

There’s a right way and the wrong way to approach web design and development. By hiring a professional to take care of your online presence, you’re skipping the trial and error associated with the low-cost DIY approach and jumping straight to a solution that works for both you and your business.

Small Business Local SEO

When someone searches for a dentist, they want a dentist who’s around the corner or in the same city. Likewise with plumbers, chiropractors, restaurants and landscapers. My job is to make sure your business is seen by people look for your service online

By implementing an effective local SEO strategy, you’ll be exposed to hundreds of potential customers, in your local community, searching for your service, with a serious intent to buy.

You want your site to rank well. You want to beat out the competition. And you probably want more business, who doesn’t? I can help with all three through effective Local SEO, review management, and content marketing. Aside from referrals and word-of-mouth, you won’t find a more cost-effective form of marketing.

WordPress Maintenance

Do you have WordPress related needs but don’t require a full-time webmaster? To get the most out of your web presence, your Wordpress website must be maintained. A well-maintained website is less likely to be hacked, loads faster and delivers a better user experience than sites that are a bit ‘weathered’.

Say goodbye to your WordPress headaches…

My maintenance plan includes backups, support, theme and plugin updates, content updates, customizations and reporting for one low monthly fee. I have “one-off” tune-up and monthly maintenance plans designed to remove the headache and hassle of managing a website so that you can spend more time managing your business. Take a look at the plans HERE!

Website Rescue

Your website isn’t a “set & forget” asset that generates business year after year without any effort or attention. As web related technology improves, so should your website. Your website should reflect those improvements in both form (appearance) and function (how it works). Sadly, some websites have been neglected for so long that simple maintenance and updates won’t do the trick.

Your website needs rescued!

My Website Rescue service takes your current website and transforms it into a professional looking, lead generating beast you’ll be proud to own. I’ll modernize your current design, edit and improve your content and finally tweak your site to preform well in the search engines.

Your website is often the first thing a client sees and as a result – the first impression of your business. Shouldn’t you step with your best foot forward?