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Tim is an awesome programmer. He found us on Craigslist & worked with us for six months producing several high quality websites! Not only has he created the websites, he has paid close attention to the look and analytics of our sites – traffic is up 26% over last year. He is a team player who is carrying our company forward as if it was his own.

Dave Willacker, CincinnatiCircus.com

Tim Meyer is a results-oriened, competent, and insightful web designer. He is able to capture the essence of his customer’s ideas and then tune them to produce a final result that is current, useful, and pleasing. He is also quite skilled in the necessary SEO steps to get your site ranked to where it will be seen!. I appreciate the fact that he accepted my level of knowledge in the field and never intimidated me about what I don’t know nor restricted me from participatiang in the process. His gentle, patient but steady guidance has made this effort a pleasant task. Well done!

Jean Diener, Sunshine Bowling Center

DTDMedia is by far one of the most honest, professional, knowledgeable, SOLUTION-based and friendly companies that I have worked with – and I have been in the creative and adverting arena for over 35 years. Tim tackled our e-commerce challenge far beyond the “packaged” companies who offer under-experienced, non-serious staff who have no regard for the client’s business. The proficiency Tim offers exceeds any web design individual with his skills in WP and overall understanding of business positioning and solutions. His communication, ideas and technical proficiency are superior but his personal concern MADE the difference. And that DOES NOT happen today in our disconnected society. This company is a rarity. So grateful to have found DTDMedia! Thank you Tim for your service to our country as well! It doesn’t get better than this.

Jil Gordon, TrueBlue365.com

Tyson Library would like to thank Tim Meyer with DTDMedia for his generous help and expert advice in creating a website that is efficient and visitor friendly. His professionalism and timely responses to our questions and concerns are greatly appreciated. Tim’s experience with WordPress and other web design features have proven to be helpful in creating and maintaining the library’s webpage adding more opportunities for our patrons to access library information.

Tyson Public Library, Versailles, Indiana TysonLibrary.org

Tim Meyer and DTD Media, LLC have provided excellent services to Jack’s DOGs, Inc. in designing, developing, and implementing our web site. Not only has Tim helped created our web presence around our corporate brand, he also took the time to understand our business and clients. He has made knowledgeable and sound recommendations in providing services that stream-line our business operations and provide valuable information for our clients, volunteers, and potential contacts.

Jan Nowicki, CEO, JacksDogs.org

2013 – Tim Meyer is available for hire only because he does not live in Nebraska. If he did, he would be working in my office. Tim’s an excellent WordPress coder and has handled every specialized request we’ve thrown at him. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for quality work at a fair price.

Thor Schrock – Schrock Innovations

I know Tim’s work very well and can say that if you need good work done quickly he’s the guy to hire! I have hired him for several projects and he always delivers…even more than delivers. He’s communicates well, has great coding skills and a good sense of design.

Tonny Kluften – Tonny.no