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77% of take time to read online reviews before hiring a service or purchasing a product (source)

Everyone can access the web from either their smartphone or computer. Because the internet is so easily accessible, people quickly become a broadcaster, reviewer and publisher all rolled into one. Within minutes of receiving your product or service, they can make their opinion and thoughts know to the world.

Review Challenges

The three main issues are: No reviews, old reviews and negative reviews. Most businesses, at some point, have experienced at least one of these problems. The good news is all of these issues have the same solution – putting in place a strategy to actively seek reviews from your current and future customers.


How Do You Approach Managing A Review Strategy?

Develop a ‘review funnel’ that puts customers in a position to review your service or product with the least amount of friction possible. Your more likely to get reviews if it’s simple and straight-forward.

Put people into the ‘funnel’ created above by asking for reviews. Send them follow-up postcards and emails asking how they liked your service and mention that online reviews are always appreciated. Make it easy for them to review your business online by pointing them to your profile pages on Google, Yelp and similar review sites. People will go and they will write reviews!

So what about bad reviews? Sooner or later they will happen – try to intercept bad reviews by giving your customer the opportunity to contact you first before leaving a poor review. Most of the time they just want to be heard. By addressing their frustrations directly, you might avoid some bad press and save a customer! For those negative reviews slip through and are published – ‘dilute’ them with positive reviews from other customers.

Continually nurture and build reviews from current and future customers. You will also need to monitor and manage your profiles on Yelp, Google, and similar websites.

How I Can Help!

I’ll work with you to set up a comprehensive review strategy that pulls in reviews with very little effort on your part by:

  • Implementing tools that automatically manage your review profiles alerting to new reviews, giving you the opportunity to respond to any negative reviews quickly.
  • Making it easy for customers to review you directly from your website by adding badges and links to your online profiles.
  • Creating a system where it’s possible to intercept bad reviews before they are published.
  • Printing stationary or postcards that encourage your customers to review your business.
  • Providing monthly reports that show our progress.

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