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Hourly Website Support

I'm a "No Job Too Small" Type of Guy

I'll fix, replace, update, improve or remove anything on your website for a low hourly rate. Most projects are complete within 24hrs!

Websites can be a pain in the ______. It's just the way it is, even for professionals like me. And especially for people who have never updated a website before. That's were I enter the picture. I take my experience and know-how to accomplish your goals at a cost that's far less than what larger agencies might charge.

"Website Support" covers everything that isn't new website development, website redesigns or marketing. For example, you might have a new service that you'd like to promote on your website. Or your last web guy left some loose ends that need to be tied up before you launch your new website.

My support isn't limited to just updating websites. I provide WordPress Training & social media consulting. I can show you how to incorporated your offline marketing materials with your online marketing efforts and how to get the most out of your website without spending a fortune on marketing consultants.

I'm also happy to sit with you and discuss your website and how to get website to where it needs to be.

Types of Support

Image Updates

Most businesses and organizations change over the years. From time to time you might need to add, remove, or update an image on your website. Whether it's one image or 100, I'll make it happen usually within 24 hours.

Content Updates

Like images, your content will occasionally need updated to keep up with your business. Content updates include updating text, hyperlinks, and downloadable files. Content Updates also include minor layout changes.

Adding Additional Pages

Did you add a new service or product and need a place on your website to show it off? I'll create your page, add the images and text (provided by you), and optimize the page so it ranks well in the major search engines.

Add "Click To Call" Buttons

The idea of "Mobile Friendly" is here to stay and if you're not making it easy for people to reach you on their phones, you're missing out on business. I'll make sure your phone numbers are clickable and easy to find.

Website Backups

Websites are expensive. You're looking for trouble if your website isn't being backed up on a regular basis. If a server fails or your website is hacked you could be looking at starting over from scratch. It's likely your host is NOT doing backups for you.

Speed Optimization

Is your website slow? As a general rule a website should load in three seconds or less so if you're is taking longer then maybe you should consider optimizing the speed of your website. Keep in mind that load time is a ranking factor in Google - the faster your site loads, the better you rank!

Website Audits

A website audit is a great way to learn more about the current state of your website. I'll look at your overall design, your content, and your seo optimization. After I've completed the audit, I'll deliver a detailed report outlining your strengths and opportunities. I'll also provide a document detailing how to take advantage of your opportunities and improve your website.

Transfer A Website

There's a long list of reasons why you might need to move your website from one host to another. It could be that your unhappy with the service or that the host is going out of business. Either way, you're going to need a new reliable server to host your website. I've moved 100's of website and would be happy to help you move yours.


If you're lost or not sure what to do next, I'd be happy to answer any question and provide advice about how to get the most out of your website. This applies to SEO, social media and really anything relating to the web. I do my best to keep the conversation as "non-techie" as possible and in the event I don't have an answer, I find it and get back to you.

Why Work With Me

You want your website to be the best representation of your business. I want to help you achieve that goal. I’m local (Dillsboro, IN) so you’ll be working with someone down the road instead of across the country or globe. My clients are happy clients and since I’m a one-man show, I tend to be more affordable than the bigger web agencies. And I've worked with dozens of companies and entrepreneurs across the globe over the past 12 years meaning I bring a lot of experience to the table.

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The IN SOLE site was created with my vision in mind while a lot of support and ideas from DTD were offered as needed. Communication is open and turn around is quick which allows me to get pages updated in a timely manner as well as learn a few techniques from the very patient and knowledgeable pro behind DTD. Highly recommend!

How To Get Started


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