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Small business websites are not “set & forget” assets that generates business year after year without effort or attention. As your business grows and evolves, so should your website. Your website should reflect those improvements in both form (appearance) and function (how it works). Sadly, some websites have been neglected for so long that simple maintenance and updates won’t do the trick.

My Website Rescue service takes your current website and transforms it into a professional looking, lead generating beast you’ll be proud to own. I’ll modernize your current design, edit and improve your content and finally tweak your site to preform well in the search engines.
Not Responsive
Website Just doesn’t work / not getting results
You want to create a better experience for visitors (potential clients)
Not ranking well
No blog for fresh content
Looks outdated
Loads slowly
Simply not meeting your needs
Need for social media
It’s time to freshen things up
Break down into three sections:
Design -looks
Function – loading
Performance – SEO
Content – writing/blog/pics/videos/