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Website Rescue

Your website isn’t a “set & forget” asset that generates business year after year without any effort or attention. As web related technology improves, so should your website. Your website should reflect those improvements in both form (appearance) and function (how it works). Sadly, some websites have been neglected for so long that simple maintenance and updates won’t do the trick.

My Website Rescue service takes your current website and transforms it into a professional looking, lead generating beast you’ll be proud to own. I’ll modernize your current design, edit and improve your content and finally tweak your site to preform well in the search engines.

You Might Need Help If Your Website…

  • doesn’t play well with mobile devices
  • doesn’t rank well in the search engines
  • moves like pond water (loads very slowly)
  • is a nightmare to update
  • is painfully difficult to navigate
  • has out-of-date technology (flash)
  • looks awful
  • isn’t generating consistent business
  • doesn’t match your brand
  • hasn’t changed with your business – copyright date

Examples of Websites that have been Re-Worked


Why You Should Call Me

You want your website to be a strong representation of your business and values. I want to help you achieve that goal. I’m local so you’ll be working with someone down the road instead of across the country or globe. Aside from being local, my clients are happy clients and since I’m a “one man show”, I tend to be more affordable than the bigger web agencies.

My Process is Simple

My process is straight-forward. It all begins with a website audit. I look at over 200 checkpoints that affect the performance of your website and overall web presence. Once your website audit is complete, I remove everything from the list that looks good and focus on the opportunities that remain.

1: It All Starts With An Audit

It’s difficult to know what to fix when you don’t know what’s broken. My website audit looks at over 100 checkpoints on your website but I don’t stop there. I also look at your competitors, your reviews, your backlinks and I take a look at your citations (directory listings like By the time I’m done, I’ll have a complete picture of your over web presence and know where you need the most help.

2: Optimize Google My Business (GMB)

That image to the left is what’s called the “Local Snack Pack” and that is probably the most valuable piece of online real estate for local businesses. It appears directly below Google’s ad block, directly above the organic search results, only has three spots and is usually the first thing people see. If you’re not there, you are missing out on thousands of dollars in business. I don’t care if you’re selling donuts or luxury homes, the amount of business generated from that box is staggering.

If you haven’t claimed your listing, I’ll help you claim it. Then I’ll collect images, videos if available, and all your business information then add that information to your Google My Business profile page. From there all you have to do is verify with a pin sent to you via regular mail.

3: Identify High Performing Keywords

You have to target the right keywords to generate the right (buying) type of traffic. For example, “indianapolis plumber” is search for almost 900 times a month. All of which is searches originating from the Indianapolis metro area. There’s a subset of keyword phrases based on indianapolis plumber which include “emergency plumbers”, “commercial plumbers”, “water heater repair” that accounts for another 300 monthly local searches. Targeting the right keywords is often the difference between success and failure.

I use third party tools to identify which keywords and keyword phrases generating the most traffic. Those same tools also let me spy on your competition to see which keywords they target and roughly how much traffic they generate. With the data gathered, I’ll compile a list of high performing keywords and phrases that will be used to guide the rest of the process.

4: Fine Tune Your Website

This is by far the most involved step that pulls from the steps above and lends itself to the steps below. The audit performed earlier is key here. I look at your design, On-page SEO opporunities, and technical SEO opportunities. From a design standpoint, I make sure that your site represents your business by looking at the over design and layout, logo, text and images. I ensure there’s a clear call to action and that it’s easy to see and included on every page. On-page SEO refers optimizing different areas of your website to improve search rankings. The keyword research plays a critical role affecting title tags, headings, sub headings and text. And last there are technical SEO factors to consider too such as site speed, mobile responsiveness and security.

5: Citations – Cleanup & Aquire

Citations are references to your business’s name, address, phone and website also known as NAP or NAPW. These citations help Google and other search engines verify that you are in fact a real business in a real location. Citations increase your sites authority and are a strong signal when it comes to ranking in the Google Snack Pack. While citations are any mention of your NAP, most come from directories like Facebook, Yelp, HotFrog, AngiesList, Manta and the Yellow Pages (online). I look at your existing citations for consistency and fix any citations that aren’t consistent with your current NAP. Then I look at opportunities for new citations and create those.

6: Reviews 

People trust reviews as much as they do a personal recommendation. Google also values reviews and has made them a strong signal for ranking locally. Google reviews are the most important, followed by Facebook and Yelp. Of course there are others like Thumbtack and Angieslist. The challenge is I can’t deliver reviews and you can’t create reviews for yourself.

The solution:  I’ll make it as easy as possible for clients to review you from your site by adding links to your various profiles like Google and Facebook. I will also build out a strategy that will encourage clients to give reviews whenever possible. The trick is to make it easy. You also want to handle negative reviews before they make it to Google and Facebook. I have a solution for that as well.

7: Ethical Link Building

Last but certainly not least – link building, more specifically ethical link building. Backlinks are a important signal that carries a lot of weight in Google’s ranking algorithm. Think of links as votes, the more votes (links) your website has the more trust it’s given by Google, the more trust you have the higher you can rank.

I’ll leverage existing opportunities like finding unlinked mentions online and reach out requesting that whoever mentioned you link back. I’ll take a close look at your competitors link profiles and grab as many links as we can from the same places that link to them. I’ll create resource pages that create real value to the community then reach out to local bloggers who might be willing to mention that resource. Guest posting and press releases are also part of the effort. The one thing I’ll never do is buy links. It’s a blantant violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines and a great way to earn a penalty that’ll be hard reverse.