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Local SEO – MOST Cost-Effective Marketing Ever


What is Local SEO, why Does it matter and what’s in it for you?

Here’s what wikipedia has to say:

Local search is the use of specialized Internet search engines that allow users to submit geographically constrained searches against a structured database of local business listings.

And here’s what that means:

Local SEO focuses on providing results relevant to a person based on their current location. When someone searches for a dentist, they want a dentist who’s around the corner or in the same city. Likewise with plumbers, chiropractors, restaurants and landscapers – each is a business who interact with the local community. Effective local SEO makes it possible to be seen by hundreds of potential clients and customers, in your local community, with a serious intent to buy.

That all translates to:


You want your site to rank well. You want to beat out the competition. And you probably want more business, who doesn’t? I can help with all three through effective Local SEO, review management, and content marketing. Aside from referrals and word-of-mouth, you won’t find a more cost-effective form of marketing.



4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find local information. Source

Google search interest in “near me” has increased 34X since 2011 and has nearly doubled since last year. Source

Local Searches Lead 50% Of Mobile Visitors To Visit Stores Within One Day. Source

The numbers above drive home the power of Local SEO and make a strong argument for why you should make every effort to get and maintain the best position possible on Google.

Search Volume + High Rankings = Revenue

Let’s take a look at the search phrase “indianapolis plumbers”. Using theGoogle Keyword Planner, you can see the search volume is roughly 320 searches a month.

indianapolis plumber search volume

With that volume and proper positioning, a local plumber could easily bring in 5-6 new clients a month. If each customer has a conservative estimated lifetime value of $3,000 and our plumber consistently brings on 5 or more new customers a month, he/she will generated $15,000 in lifetime revenue every month. Let’s not forget the added benefit of referral opportunities created by the new customers.

When executed correctly (and consistently), Local SEO places your business in front of customers who are looking for your service often with a NEED & DESIRE to buy.

Proper positioning on Google and other search engines is powerful, profitable and if you aren’t leveraging its power, you’re handing money to your competitors by not claiming it yourself!

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