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What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the practice of optimizing your website so that it ranks well in Google’s local search results.

When someone searches for a dentist, they want a dentist who’s around the corner or in the same city. Likewise with plumbers, chiropractors, home builders and landscapers – each is a business who interact with the local community. Effective Local SEO makes it possible for local businesses to be seen by local clients and customers with a serious intent to buy.

4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find local information. Source

Local SEO By The Numbers


46% of all Google searches
have local intent.


78% of local mobile searches resulted in offline purchases


87% of smartphone owners use a search engine at least once a day


76% of local searches result
in a phone call

Local search traffic is laser targeted.

If someone in Cincinnati searches for a plumber, they get a Cincinnati plumber. Likewise for home builders, landscapers, cabinet shops and most other local ‘brick & mortar’ businesses.

Local search traffic are ready & eager to buy.

The same person looking for a plumber was looking just to make sure Cincy had a few hanging around, they need help, probably now and are ready to buy

Local search is the new Yellow Pages

Less than 20% of adults use the phone book to find a local business. Most local business information is searched for online. Who would you rather they find – you or your competitor?

Less than 50% of businesses have claimed the Google My Business listing

The business who claims their page and completely completes their profile will almost always outrank an unclaimed page.

People trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations

Online reviews are trusted as much as personal recommendations which means that Google reviews, Yelp reviews and similar reviews sites all have a significant impact on your business.


Implementing a Local SEO strategy can be confusing but the math couldn’t be more clear. Below is an example of how Local SEO can affect your bottom line.

For this example, I’m going to use the keyword phrase “home builders Indianapolis”. I’m from Indianapolis. I graduated from Speedway High School (Go Plugs!) and went to IUPUI. The population in Indy is going through the roof and new home building is on the rise. Below is a snapshot of the search volume results generated by Google’s keyword Planner:

The phrase “home builders Indianapolis” is searched 590 times a month. The phrase “home builders” is searched 140 times a month. In total, over 700 people search for “home builders Indianapolis” and “home builders” on Google.  And all of those search originated from the Indianapolis area.

After determining the search volume, I did a search on Google for “home builders Indianapolis” and counted every home builder who showed up in the first 100 results. I came up with 50+ home builders and construction companies who do business in Indianapolis.

Now we know people look for home builders in Indianapolis over 700 times a month and that there are over 50 home building companies all competing for 1st page results – both in the local pack and organic results (see image below).

Putting Everything Together

I don’t work for the companies listed in the results shown to the right. I don’t know what their conversion rate, how many calls are generated, or how many leads are received via email.

I can safely say that the top spot receives dozens of leads every month. And a few of those leads become clients. Again, being conservative, let’s say new clients are worth $5000 (5% of the total cost of home) each. If they convert just three leads per month that’s at least $15,000 in profit

Ranking well locally on Google and other search engines is powerful, profitable and if you aren’t leveraging it, you’re missing out on business that’s probably being picked up by your competitors!

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Is your work guaranteed? 2018-03-09T20:01:40+00:00

Yes. You can read more about my guarantee here.

What is Local SEO? 2018-03-02T20:45:27+00:00

Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website to rank high for organic queries in Google and other search engines where the intent of the searcher is to find local information.

Ex: “custom home builder Indianapolis”

How long does it take to see results? 2018-03-02T21:11:31+00:00

It depends on the age of your website, competition, type of business and a host of other variables. Some business see a move toward positive results in a month, others three months, and yet others six months to a year. Unfortunately it’s difficult to say but I will commit to a time-frame before work starts.

How much does it cost? 2018-03-02T21:20:47+00:00

Every business is different. Some require a lot of effort and time, others not as much. Some need monthly work to compete and maintain the desired results, others perform very well without monthly work. My hourly rate is $50/hr.  Most quotes run between 20 and 60 hours or $1000 and $3000.

Why Should I Start Now? 2018-03-02T20:15:15+00:00

If you want your business to grow and be found by new customers online, you need to get serious about improving your website and how you rank in search engines. Establishing a healthy web presence takes time. It takes time to implement and it takes time to see improvements in rankings. If you don’t start now, this time next year you’ll wish you did.

Will you change our website design? 2018-03-05T13:08:53+00:00

Maybe. If we decide that a redesign is necessary to reach our goals, then yes, your website will change. On the other hand, if you have a website that looks great, functions well, but ranks poorly then the design won’t change much. Either way, you’ll know before I get started of any changes that might take place.

Are we required to sign a contract? 2018-03-02T21:04:20+00:00

No, not really. I will right up a proposal which will include all of my terms and conditions. Signing that proposal just means that we both agree on the services being offered, the fees being charged and the terms (terms vary per project). You will never sign a contract that commits you to a specific timeframe like 6 months or a year. I want you to stay with me because you want to, not because you signed a document that says you have to.

What is ‘ethical’ link building? 2018-03-05T13:09:16+00:00

Backlinks are a important signal that carries a lot of weight in Google’s ranking algorithm. Think of links as votes, the more votes (links) your website has the more trust it’s given by Google, the more trust you have the higher you can rank.

Ethical link building is earning links, unethical link building is buying links. It’s not illegal to buy links but it is against Google’s Terms of Service to buy links in an effort to game their search results. So how do you earn links? Local blogger outreach, spy on your competitors links – many of those links you can probably get too, and get listed everywhere, be everywhere – local directories, hyper local directories, social profiles, unlinked web mentions, and the list goes on.

Do you outsource your work? 2018-03-02T21:25:40+00:00

Yes – I handle most of the work myself but I may bring someone into a project from time to time depending on the size of the project and/or my work load. I’ll never outsource my work overseas.

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